breast surgery

Breast enhancement surgery is considered a major surgical procedure. It involves incisions in the area, along with other cosmetic procedures such as breast implantation and lymph node dissection, the removal of excess skin and fat from the breast area, and possibly some cosmetic procedures involving the creation or rearrangement of tissue.

It is important for patients to follow all pre-operative and post-operative instructions given by their plastic surgeon. Patients who have previously had augmentation or mammoplasty will be more likely to experience complications than patients who have not. If complications do arise, patients should notify their surgeon immediately.

In most cases following breast augmentation surgery, there is little discomfort. Some minor swelling and mild pain during the initial consultation may be experienced. Also, the initial visit to the plastic surgeon will include the use of an anesthetic to help control any discomfort and vomiting that may occur.

The use of ice packs and/or taking anti-inflammatory medications will also help to relieve some of the swelling and pain. If at any time the patient is experiencing nausea, it is best to notify the plastic surgeon about it as soon as possible. Recovery from breast enhancement surgery will last approximately three weeks to a month.

Women who were under general anesthesia during the procedure may experience some discomfort after the initial procedure. However, these patients are better able to tolerate the discomfort and will recover much faster. After breast augmentation or a breast lift, most women will wear special compression garments to aid in the healing process. These garments will help maintain the sagging breasts and help to prevent future cosmetic breast surgery recovery complications.


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